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EU Copyright law is both complicated and simple. Complicated because the EU is made up of some 27 nations, each of which has had its own legal traditions and history – and this body of law has been composed in over a dozen languages. If you are in a hurry and simply want to protect your intellectual property in the EU, you can choose the fast track and simply click on this link to protect your intellectual property quickly and inexpensively online.

Copyright in the EU is different than in the United States – and unusually, much less rigidly controlled by the government. In the United States, there is an official Copyright Office which registers copyrights. Even though the USA is a signatory to the Berne Convention whereby a work should be protected without such registration, nobody has ever won damages in the USA for infringement where a copyright was not filed with the copyright office according to their procedures.

In the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the EU, commercial services provide a registration facility where copies of work can be lodged to establish legal evidence of a copyright claim. In the UK, there are also requirements to file certain published works with the British Library and, on request, the five legal deposit libraries. This site will help those who wish to copyright their intellectual property in the European Union.

All of the countries of the European Union are signatories to the Berne Convention. You can find out more about the Berne Convention by reading the page about it. If you wish to copyright a website or blog, look into c-Site Copyright Services from Copyright protection in the EU will not help you in the USA if someone decides to steal your intellectual property – in clear violation of the Berne Convention, the US continues to require the registration of copyrights if the creator/author wishes to sue an infringer for damages and/or attorney fees.

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